What is B.R.O.S.?

Business Ready Office Server is a business solution from a couple of servers for your office. Providing a number of systems and services, which will facilitate the working process and communication, B.R.O.S. is a wonderful addition to every office.

When you are using B.R.O.S. you don't need to worry about configurations, updating the server's software or concern yourself with administration. All of this comes in a package, which you can use immediately after integrating the system into your office, working environment or working process.

When do you need B.R.O.S.?

  • When you need an organised internal network.
  • When you need a file server (internal or external).
  • When you need to share files / folders / documents.
  • When you need a fast file transfer (large number of files / too large files).
  • When you need controlled access on different levels of security.
  • When you need a internal (or official) web portal / website.
  • When you have applications, which need to be used from multiple working stations.